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Posted on: 11/07/2011

*jazz hands*

Today I was looking over my cataloging syllabus and I realized, that class only meets two more times.

Two. More. Times.

And that is all. Then it will be over. I will never have to go again.

True, we still have one group exercise and an individual final exam, but the important thing here is: TWO. MORE. TIMES.

Two of my classes will have met for the last time *before* Thanksgiving. You guys, seriously? My sore muscles began to feel better as soon as I had this realization.

Also? Four of my five students will be off campus on Wednesday, which means I only have to teach two days this week! It also means I have another day to work on my reference assignment!

Plus also? Today was a good hair day. I was rocking a ’60s-style beehive-type ‘do.

The cranky cuss has disappeared; you will find in its place a bright, shiny piece of glitter. Yay!

Here’s what has made me happy lately:

A new outfit that makes me feel skinny

Sleeping with my stuffed penguin, Skipper. (He smells like my boyfriend, hee)

A friend who lets me come over to her house, cuddle with her puppy and sleep in her bed

Old Navy’s Perfect Khakis. (They’re not lying about that whole “perfect” thing)

A new mani and pedi

Compliments – giving and receiving

A good night before I go to sleep and a good morning when I wake up. (Even if it is over the phone. I’ll take what I can get)

Three-hour-long, man-free shopping trips

Adding items to my Life List. (Still forthcoming; getting to 100 is proving to be harder than anticipated!)

Dreaming and making plans for the future

A schedule for the fall that leaves my afternoons free

A new gym in town to join with Brittany and Jenna

Making birthday plans three months in advance

The fact that I decided to live at home this semester and therefore do not have to move into the dorm. (Read that again and imagine the Mormon Tabernacle Choir breaking into Handel’s “Hallelujah Chorus.” Now you get the idea)

Funny t-shirts for Crohnies. Just can’t decide which one I want, heh

The word “Crohnie.” Makes me giggle

Season 2 of “True Blood” on DVD. Most especially Alexander Skarsgard as Eric Northman


My Lady Antebellum radio station on Pandora

Online shopping

Getting packages in the mail

Sending packages in the mail

Tweets and text messages


What’s making YOU happy this week?

Here are some things that made me happy yesterday:
Musical soundtracks (this one specifically)

Unexpected text messages

A lovely tweet from a dear friend

Journal pages filled with my handwriting

Sharing silly laughter with a friend

Grocery shopping

Concocting this massive bowl of pasta salad:

(yes, it was just as delicious as it looks, thank you)

Having a serious conversation with my little sister while we cook dinner together

Making plans for girls night

Being complimented on my cooking

Climbing in a hot shower when I’m cold

A phone date with the BFF

This video:

A sweet text message from the BF

The idea for this post shamelessly ripped off from Maggie Mason of Mighty Girl, featured on page 7 of her book No One Cares What You Had For Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog.

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