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This is pathetic, y’all. This, this right here, is why I could never be a really for real writer.

I’ve been thinking the last few days about Christmas. Christmaaaas! Imagine that in Oprah voice and sparkly font, because I don’t know how to do that. (The sparkly font part. I know how to do Oprah voice.) I don’t know what it is, because Christmas-when-it-is-not-Christmas is one of my pet peeves, but I could totally be 100%, head over heels in the Christmas spirit right now. I am resisting so hard, because Thanksgiving comes first and it gets the shaft as it is, so I try to celebrate only one holiday at a time. I’ve managed not to break out the Christmas music yet, although I do have Buble’s new one standing by for Thanksgiving evening. I’ve walked through Walmart’s Christmas section more than once and, so help me, Walmart made me sing along to Frosty the other day. I didn’t want to! The Walmart made me!

This is so weird because last year it took me forrreeeevvvvveerrrrrrrr to get in the Christmas spirit. I don’t even know, y’all, but I was a total Grinch. (Compared to my usual level of festivity, that is.) This year, I am ALL ABOUT IT. Bring on the Christmas, I am READY. I have almost completed my shopping. Don’t hate me because I’m amazing.

Where am I even going with this? … Oh yes, I remember. So I’ve been thinking about Christmas, and as soon as I start thinking in that direction my thoughts turn to food. I do some massive Christmas baking and candy-making and it is just about the most fun part of the whole thing, and this year it’s going to be even FUNNER because I’m making a supply list for Sam’s Club. Have you been to Sam’s? Everyone needs to experience it. I have only been once, but you guys? Sam’s is my new happy place. (Along with Hobby Lobby. In my perfect world, Hobby Lobby and Sam’s live next door to each other just down the block from Disney World.) So I’m planning this trip sometime during the beginning of December, when I’ll go to Sam’s for baking supplies and take my sister to [undisclosed pretty pretty makeup store] to pick out her Christmas present. Basically, it will be just about the best day of my life.

And you think I’m kidding, but I am so not kidding.


Books in a series should always have numbers clearly printed on their spines. This way, you can make sure you’re checking out the correct books in the correct order before you even leave the library – instead of getting home and discovering, a week later on Sunday afternoon, that you checked out books one and three instead of one and two.

I’m a cranky cuss lately, aren’t I.

Also, how awesome is online shopping? You guys, I have already done 3/4 of my Christmas shopping from my bed, in my pajamas. We will totally become the fat people in the floaty chairs from Wall-E, and this is how it starts.

You guys? You guys. I took my last undergrad final this morning. You guys. OMG.

Ahem. Anyway.

I didn’t plan to go this long without posting anything, but as you may have heard, my brain has melted. And there is just so much stuff to do at this point in the year, you know how it is. I’m sure I’m preaching to the choir here.

Here’s my thing, as far as school is concerned. I’ve never had nothing to do before. If it was during the school year, I had classes to go to or work to do, always some kind of work to do. If it was a break, I knew I had another semester starting soon. This is uncharted territory here. Once I leave work tomorrow, that’s it – I literally have nothing to do. I’ve never been in that place before, and it’s just a tad scary. Especially since I don’t have a job lined up yet, although I have turned in one application already and plan to look for more. And once you start working, you can’t not work. I pay for my phone and it’s not cheap, but you probably know how that is too.

That’s such a first-world problem, isn’t it? I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay my cell phone bill. And my diamond shoes are too tight, wah. But there it is, and it’s an issue. The cell phone, the gas for the car, the toothpaste and shampoo required to retain my status as a human. I’m a little stressy right now.

But it’s Christmas, so really, how sad can a person be? If that person is me then the answer is, not very sad. I love Christmas, y’all. Which I believe I might have mentioned already. I was thinking about it the other day: what about Christmas makes me so warm and fuzzy? And I think I’ve figured it out. It’s the light. Think about how much light is associated with Christmas. Lights on our houses, lights on the trees, lights in the windows, lights in our yards. Even though the days are short and it gets dark before you feel like the day’s even started, it’s never dark during the Christmas season. And really, that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Light. Welcoming the light. Spreading the light.

Just sit back and chew on that, now why don’t you. I’m deep.

That title up there? Is kind of how I feel right now. I can’t do much more than that. I woke up with vague feelings of some kind of blarg lurking in the back of my throat and it’s creeping its way up into my sinuses now. It’s a sneaky little blarg, it is. And yeah, it’s been cold (oh my freaking geez has it ever been COLD) but I bundle up! I’m not going out in the snow with wet hair or anything! I love scarves! I live in my peacoat! Gloves are my friends! I look terrible in hats but I adore them so I wear them anyway!

And yet. Blarg.

Did I mention it’s been cold? HOO BOY. Cold. I heard it only got to 29 yesterday. And you know what I did? Got a milkshake, hee. The guy working the drive through at McDonald’s all but told me I was nuts. Like I let that phase me, though. Please. When girlfriend needs a milkshake, GIRLFRIEND NEEDS A MILKSHAKE.

Ooh, did I mention? Well, if you’re my friend on Facebook you already know this. I crossed an item off my List the other day when I got my driver’s license. Yeah yeah, why did I wait so long, blah blah. Suffice it to say I did, and now I wish I hadn’t, but if ifs and buts were candies and nuts we’d all have a merry Christmas. Or something.

I need drugs. Of the to-treat-illness variety, not that other kind. Although, if you’re offering … HAAAHAHAHAhahaaa. Ha. Uh.

Oooh, guess what else? I have, like, seven days until I’m done with college. It doesn’t seem real right now so I’m not freaking out, but just you wait. It will come.

Also, the Christmas Baking Extravaganza, version 2010, has commenced. Last night I made caramels and helped Sister make marshmallows, and then Sister made a batch of Oreo truffles, aka dirty snowballs. (Mom came up with the name dirty snowballs, but I don’t think she realized how wrong it sounded at the time. Or maybe she just didn’t anticipate minds like Dad’s, Sister’s and mine, and what we’d do with them.) Also on the agenda for the CBE 2010: more Oreo truffles, peppermint bark, buckeyes, chocolate-covered pretzels and peanut butter crackers, potato candy, peanut butter fudge, mint chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookie cutouts. And there may be something else I’m forgetting. Who knows. I have a list. Plus we have to cut and wrap the caramels (the most tedious job ever), and cut the marshmallows, roll them in powdered sugar, and dip some in chocolate. That is one messy job, y’all. SO FUN. I swear though, it’ll wear you out. By the time we finished cooking and I cleaned up the kitchen last night, I was sure it was at least 10. I look at the clock and what do you think it says? 7:30. Seriously. That is how I ended up asleep at 9. I promise I’m usually much more fun than that.

So! I’m not really going anywhere with this. I’m just waiting until it’s time to go to class, heh. Is anyone interested in any of the recipes I’ve mentioned? If so I’ll be happy to share.

I’m a little bit wigged that it’s after Thanksgiving already.

(Do “they” say that anymore? Wigged? Wigging out? Someone find “them” and let me know if I’m horrifyingly outre.)

I was listening to Christmas music on my iPod over the weekend and I couldn’t get over the feeling that it should not be time for this. I don’t know y’all, it was weird. But this is my method, to listen to Christmas music almost nonstop from Thanksgiving until New Year’s, that way I completely wear myself out with it and don’t want it again until next year. It’s effective. Christmas music when it isn’t Christmas is actually one of my pet peeves. Christmas in July? No says I!

Anyway, all of this is to say that I need more Christmas music for my iPod. At work I have a Christmas station on Pandora (actually I have three Christmas stations on Pandora) and I keep that on while I work. I only have one Christmas album on my iPod, however, and this is not acceptable! So tell me: what Christmas album (or albums) could you absolutely not live without? Give me your recommendations, I will give everything a listen!

[Don’t even say Noel, Grobies, you know that’s the one already on the iPod. If you must say it you have to give me something else too!]

Checking in

Posted on: 11/25/2010

Greetings from scenic Jeremiah, in the heart of Letcher County, Kentucky!

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

It’s Thanksgiving today, but hasn’t felt much like it. We’re at Grandma’s house but the aunts and uncles and cousins are coming tomorrow and we’re doing the big spread then. We had the funeral for my friend Sarah’s mom this morning (which was beautifully done) and the rest of the day we’ve just been chillaxing and watching Grandma run around with her hair on fire trying to get stuff cooked or ready to be cooked tomorrow. She doesn’t actually enjoy cooking and all the prep that has to go into hosting Thanksgiving, but no matter how hard we try to convince her to let us do it at our house she will not give in. I guess we’ll just have to try again for next year.

In other news, my sister received The Hunger Games trilogy for her birthday, so I decided it was the perfect time for me to read it too. I finished the first book today and I’m stuck on it – even if it is technically young adult fiction, everybody should read it. As I read it takes me back to Ender’s Game, Brave New World, and Uglies, which  I think is just because it’s set in a futuristic, dystopic society where the children are expected to do things that children shouldn’t have to do. But I liked all those books so it makes sense that I would like this one too.

And you know what kind of just hit me? It’s that time again. You know what time I’m talking about. Yeah, that’s right … Christmas music time. Hmm, I think Josh Groban’s Noel will be singing me to sleep tonight.

In conclusion! There are four Saturdays left until Christmas, which means you have exactly one month of shopping days in which to buy my present. Happy Turkey Day!


Posted on: 11/06/2010

Today I wanted to show you one of my family’s holiday traditions. I know it’s still a little early to be thinking about Christmas too much, but this is such a cool project!

It’s called Operation Christmas Child. It’s run by a Christian organization called Samaritan’s Purse, and its purpose is to bring Christmas to kids overseas who wouldn’t get to celebrate otherwise. Here’s what you do:

Find a standard size shoe box or plastic box with a lid and decide whether you’d like to pack your box for a boy or a girl, and what age group. Then stock up on some small gifts and candy. OCC suggests things like small toys (cars, balls, yo-yos, jump ropes, or dolls); school supplies; hygeine items like toothbrushes, toothpaste, washcloths and soap; hard candy, gum, tshirts and socks. Pretty much any small, new item that a kid would enjoy receiving for Christmas. In my experience, the average cost per box is about $20. Here’s what we bought:


My sister, Jenna, and I both decided to pack a box for a girl age 10-14. We chose journals, pens and pencils; silly bands, yo-yos, hairbrushes and hair ties; soap and washcloths, deodorant, toothbrushes and toothpaste; socks, several kinds of hard candy, and Smarties. OCC asks that you don’t pack any used items, anything war-related, anything that might melt, any liquids, or anything breakable. When you go to buy gifts for your box, it’s sometimes hard to come up with ideas. Trust me though, once you get in the store and start looking around, you’ll have to remind yourself that not everything you want to buy will fit in the box!

Once you have your box and your supplies, you have to figure out how to make it all fit! For us this usually means packing and re-packing two or three times; Jenna says it’s fun because you get to play Tetris. It’s an awesome feeling to watch your box fill up and imagine the child who will receive it and how excited they’ll be!

When your box is packed, you’ve got to label it. Labels are available for download and print here. You also need to include a donation of at least $7 per box to help with shipping costs; you can either write a check and include it in an envelope on top of the items in your box, or you can donate online here. (The cool thing about donating online is that you will receive an email telling you where your box ended up – they go all over the world!) Close up your box, indicate the appropriate age group on your label and tape it to the top of your box, and secure the lid with a rubber band.

Go online here, type in your ZIP code, and they’ll give you the location of a box drop near you (alternatively, there is a 1-800 number you can call to find your nearest location). That’s it! From there your box will be checked and sent off to a child in another country, and along with their gifts they receive a Bible booklet in their own language. Many of these kids have never heard about God and never gotten to celebrate Christmas. It’s the best feeling, knowing that you’ve provided Christmas for a child, even if you don’t get to see it. That’s why I do it, because I love giving gifts. And when I stop to think about it, I have so much. It’s not hard for me to share with someone else.

If you’re interested in participating, it’s not too late! National Collection Week is November 15-22.

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