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Posted on: 11/07/2011

*jazz hands*

Today I was looking over my cataloging syllabus and I realized, that class only meets two more times.

Two. More. Times.

And that is all. Then it will be over. I will never have to go again.

True, we still have one group exercise and an individual final exam, but the important thing here is: TWO. MORE. TIMES.

Two of my classes will have met for the last time *before* Thanksgiving. You guys, seriously? My sore muscles began to feel better as soon as I had this realization.

Also? Four of my five students will be off campus on Wednesday, which means I only have to teach two days this week! It also means I have another day to work on my reference assignment!

Plus also? Today was a good hair day. I was rocking a ’60s-style beehive-type ‘do.

The cranky cuss has disappeared; you will find in its place a bright, shiny piece of glitter. Yay!


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So happy you’re feeling all sparkly and gittery!

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