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Posted on: 11/02/2011

Why no, I’m not writing today’s post during an online class, why do you ask?

Listen, Wednesdays are busy, okay? And I’m still getting used to the whole “posting every day” idea. But I refuse to let NaBloPoMo kick my butt this early! Blerg, as Liz Lemon might say.

(Am I watching too much 30 Rock? Nevahhhh!)

Anyway, give me a break. We’re doing group presentations in class tonight, and my group isn’t presenting. After I post this, I may very well move on to FarmVille, and I have the knitting project I began last night right here ready to go, too. (I’m making a Ravenclaw scarf! It’s going to be SUPER cute.) Show me someone who claims they don’t multi-task during online class, and I’ll show you someone who lies like a rug.

Anyway! Uh. I need to sit down and make a list of NaBloPoMo post topics. And probably go ahead and write a bunch for scheduled posting. Thanksgiving break got a little hairy last year, if I recall. But! This year I have a pretty pretty pink iPad. Her name is Minnie. She’s sparkly. So what I’m saying is I should have more access than I did, and maybe that will help me not to miss a day.

Well, the first presentation is starting and I should be a good classmate and go watch the slides. I suppose. Peace out!


1 Response to "Multi-tasking"

This whole post made me smile. A pink sparkly iPad. Am so jealous. And your knitting project does sound grand. I expect pictures. Also? Way to multi task!

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