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Motherhood? Piece of cake.

Posted on: 03/19/2011

This past week, Sister and I were on our own at home from Saturday morning through Thursday afternoon, as both parents were on a spring break mission trip. Sister’s spring break isn’t for another couple weeks, which is why we had to stay behind. The college and the high school really need to start coordinating spring breaks already!

Anyway. It was a Big Deal that had the parents Quite Worried, as in years past Mom has just stayed home. This year she’d had enough and decided she was finally going on the trip too. They were a lot more worried about it than we were, which probably goes without saying. But the week went swimmingly and flew by. And it has totally convinced me that not only am I ready for motherhood – I will ROCK. IT.

Examples, you ask? I have many!

Sister and I are very close but, like any siblings, we have our arguments and episodes of punching each other in the b00bs. (Forget pulling hair, that is the way to fight a girl.) This week, however? All was harmony and bliss. I only had to get onto her one time (I tell her to brush her teeth and 10 minutes later she has not begun to brush her teeth and I refuse to be late for church so BRUSH YOUR TEETH ALREADY.) I woke her up in the morning and made sure she got ready. I got her to school on time in the mornings and was there waiting to pick her up in the afternoons. We came home and agreed on what to have for dinner and what shows to watch on TV. Although it was cold and windy and rainy all week, we were warm and cozy curled up in our Snuggies with our crochet projects (baby blanket, dishcloths, and a scarf, to be exact) (yes we both have Snuggies, haters to the left). No car accidents were had. Three meals were eaten by both of us every day – and dinner every night was home-cooked, at that. I kept house and did the grocery shopping and made sure a bill or two was paid on time.

So as I said, I am so ready to rock this whole mommy gig. I don’t see what the big deal is, honestly. I mean, all I have to do is marry for money (so I can spend it without having to worry about making it, see), make sure that rich hubs has a job that keeps him away from home much of the time (so I don’t have to deal with a needy man, see), and then give birth to a fourteen-year-old.

Piece of cake.


2 Responses to "Motherhood? Piece of cake."

HA!! Good luck with giving birth to a fourteen year old:) Maybe you could adopt a 14 year old – but they would not have been raised by your mother to be the model children that you and you sister aspire to be.
I really hope you know your mom has worked hard for 18+ years to turn you both into the wonderful women that you are growing into. If you don’t you will quickly learn shortly after you give birth to that little bundle of joy:)
Great post!! Give your mom a hug and thank her for everything she has ever done and ever will do for you.

Oh I absolutely know how hard my mom works, and in no way do I actually think motherhood is a piece of cake!
Thanks for reading and commenting 🙂

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