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Hear that sound? It’s my dignity slipping out the back door.

Posted on: 03/06/2011

In case you didn’t know, or perhaps have forgotten, I am a fresh college graduate and unemployed … which is really fun, just let me tell you. But that’s a whole ‘nother post in itself. I’m here today to make a confession.

I have forgotten how to dress myself.

It just hit me this morning, as I was dressing for church. The low point came when I attempted to pair a brown sweater with black pants. I know. I gave myself a mental slap in the face just in time. I could barely look at myself in the mirror.

These days, a pair of jeans feels like cruel and unusual punishment. I live my life in t-shirts and workout pants (these are my favorite, seriously, go get some, you’re welcome). I have a perma-ponytail. Some days the sneakers make it onto my feet, other days it’s the houseshoes and I hope you don’t like it. (In my defense, I don’t wear the fuzzy pink slippers outside, only the black moccasins. They look like real shoes, I swear. Shut up.)

I never used to be like this, you guys. Anyone who went to college with me will tell you, I liked to look nice. I put effort into my appearance every day, only getting lazy if I was sick or if the weather just really, really sucked. I got up every morning, showered, and did my hair and makeup. I thought about my clothes. I wore things that were uncomfortable just because they looked good. This wasn’t that long ago, y’all. I’ve only been free of school- and work-type obligations for three months. Although Boyfriend still labors under the delusion that I look the same every day as I do when we go on dates. He so clueless. *snicker*

 Just let me tell you. This past Friday I got up, put on my workout clothes (the above-mentioned pants, Patriots t-shirt, Nikes), threw up my hair and slapped on one of those super swexy elastic headbands and went to the track to walk my mile. When I finished I was all red-faced and so hot, in every sense of the word. *snort* It was crazy windy out, so you can imagine what my hair looked like – well, above the super swexy headband. And you know what I did? If you guessed rush home to shower, change, do my hair and put on makeup … you were wrong! No, I took my little self off to Walmart for groceries, and then to Wendy’s for lunch.

No shame, I tell you.

I’ve heard lots of women talk about this happening, and I figured my day would come, but I assumed it would be after I popped out a baby or two. Isn’t letting yourself go one of those things that happens to new moms? Well, at least my sister isn’t ashamed to be seen getting into my car when I pick her up from school in my slippers and headband!


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