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A Lifetime dream

Posted on: 01/14/2011

So I had this dream last night. And it was so bizarre I have to tell someone.

First of all though, I heard somewhere that most people dream in black and white? So like, if you dream in color that’s a big deal? Is this true? I don’t know, but that makes me feel like I need to say that this dream I’m about to tell you, it was in color but it was sort of that washed-out pastel color, like old photos.

Anyway. In my dream my husband and I (oh yeah, I was also married) were members of this small religious group that lived communally – several small houses all next to each other, huge gardens that fed everyone, that kind of thing. There were also lots of animals, of the horse and cow variety, but we still had cars too. That strikes me as odd now that I think about it. So I don’t know how we came to be in this group, but we were into it, we must have felt good about it. So this group got weirder and weirder, and the leader became all obsessed with the end of the world, and somehow this all grew until it was totally one of those cults that plans to all commit suicide together on a certain date because the world is about to end so let’s just all get it over with and go to Heaven already. As this all escalated around us, my husband and I both felt a leeetle squicky about it, but we were conflicted and unsure of what to do about it – and of course since it was a religion thing, there was the fear that maybe this is right, maybe I’m wrong or bad for doubting. So the people we live around get increasingly weirder, the date is set, plans and preparations are underway, and we’re both still going yeahhhh … I don’t know about this. We still had friends outside this group, and our families, and one day I was out visiting with some of them and, I guess, telling them about what was going on. All of a sudden I jump up and run back to my house, I go in and grab my husband and I’m like, we have to leave, we have to get out now. He instantly agrees and it’s like we were both just waiting on the other to say something. We run around and grab some stuff – we didn’t even pack bags or anything, we just literally grabbed a few important things – and ran out to the car. The little neighborhood was crawling with people, as always, and we said okay, we just have to act calm and not let on that we’re escaping and not coming back. I think we were afraid that the leader would stop us or come after us, violently. But we managed to sneak past everyone and once we were finally out we had to just pull over and stop the car because we were laughing and crying, so happy to be out and, I think, finally realizing how scared we had been.

Does that not sound just like a Lifetime movie?

And I actually did watch one a little similar, where this woman escaped one of the fundamental Mormon groups, the ones that are cool with polygamy. But I watched that a week ago or something and it’s not like a suicide pact, sheesh. I woke up going okay, what was that. That was possibly THE most vivid dream I’ve had in quite a while, and I had to tell someone about it. Go ahead and tell me I’m crazy, I know it’s true.


1 Response to "A Lifetime dream"

Weird dream! Though rather realistic, whenever I have a weird dream it usually involves odd things like trolls doing laundry in a tree house and me unable to open my eyes the whole time.

Also, I’m never aware of the color of my dreams. I’ll have to pay more attention next time 😉

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