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Uncultured barbarians

Posted on: 11/18/2010

Can I tell you something that bugs me, for a minute? Oh, wait, of course I can – it’s my blog! HA.

‘Scuse me while I change into my cranky pants.

In the past two weeks I have been to three concerts – an audience member for two, a performer for one. As a performer, you notice how people behave in the audience. Before tonight, all was well. I thought people generally, with a few exceptions, knew how to behave in a concert setting. I thought people had mostly been taught how to respect others. Apparently I was so very wrong.

Tonight Sister sang with the SKMA All-Festival Junior High Choir. It was awesome. Seriously, I didn’t know middle schoolers could have a sound like that. (Video will be up on Facebook soon-ish. Facebook is slow with the uploading of the video.) My family and I, however, must have accidentally seated ourselves in the uncultured barbarian section. We were surrounded by the most annoying people EVER. Seriously. Loud, obnoxious children. Ineffective parents trying to shush loud, obnoxious children but only succeeding in being loud and obnoxious themselves because they are, as I believe I mentioned, ineffective. People bringing in snacks like they’re at a movie theater and not a choral performance in a church. Toddlers running around unchecked until some adult finally decides to catch them, loudly, in the middle of the packed sanctuary, during a song – and then those same adults letting those same toddlers get up and run off again five minutes later. And then when you get up and stand at the back of the room to take video, because you’re a total stage mother in the making, some old man glances at you, sees that you are taking a video, and then proceeds to walk right in front of you so that his big head blocks your camera. Not to mention your typical LOUD STAGE WHISPERING and phones ringing.

Now I don’t know about you, but I learned several things at a very early age. Things like, no food in the sanctuary. And, no running around during a performance of any kind. Plus, if someone is taking a picture, don’t walk in front of them and ruin it. Also, turn your phone off and don’t talk during said performance because you should be – oh, what do they call it … POLITE and RESPECTFUL. I found myself wondering how such people managed to birth children who could participate in and appreciate an event like All-Festival chorus. Because, if you go to a performance, are seated behind me, and exhibit any combination of these behaviors? I will assume that you are a not-very-smart person who, in addition to being rude and disrespectful, is sadly unable to appreciate the arts. And then I will be sorry for you but also want to turn around and gauge out your eyes with a spork.


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