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Looks like “that time of the year” starts … right now

Posted on: 11/17/2010

I got to work this morning only to discover that I have something on my shirt. Inexplicably, there is a spot. And I have no idea what it could be. I’m hoping this something is not a harbinger of doom for the rest of my day.

[Isn’t harbinger a great word?]

Would you like to hear what I have to do this week? I knew you would.

Monday night: English ETS exam. (Which was a JOKE, OKAY, a JOKE. It was all literature and some of the questions were like, here, read this long random passage of something that was probably written in 1746 and NOW TELL ME WHO WROTE IT. Of all the passages we were given, I personally was familiar with one of them. ONE. (That one was Pride and Prejudice. SCORE ONE FOR AUSTEN.) I don’t know if I should be mad at my department or the person who put together this stupid test and then decided that I needed to take it. I’m leaning toward the test person, as I don’t know them and my department is full of lovely people.)

Tuesday night: Cumberland Singers fall concert. (Which went well, in spite of the usual heat and uncomfortable dress. I had hoped to have a video to post but my whole family refused to film anything for me. Jerks.) Plus I had to squeeze in a little cuddle time with Boyfriend. I’ve got priorities, y’all.

Wednesday night: Baking a birthday cake and cupcakes and working on a paper in between putting things in the oven and taking them out. (My sister’s turning 14 this weekend and a sleepover shindig is going down at the hizz-ouse. But, you guys, the cake! I’m going to use FONDANT and it’s going to be FANCY. Chocolate cake, white icing with purple stars and black sparkles. And giant strawberry cupcakes with some combination of white, purple and black sparkles. You better believe pics will be posted. If I can make it look like it looks in my head, you will DIE of cute.)

Thursday night: middle school All-Festival choir concert. (Yeah, my sister made All-Festival. And from how proud I am you would think I was her mother. All-Fest is the second most elite area choir, second to All-State, for which Sister is also auditioning. I did All-Fest in high school and auditioned for All-State but never made it, as sopranos are, sadly, thick on the ground. Sister’s auditioning as an alto so her chances are probably slightly better.)

Friday night: aforementioned sleepover. (Ten middle school-aged girls … and two boys, but they have to leave because we can’t have boys at our sleepover, duh. I have been instructed to load Sister’s iPod with a sleepover dance party mix and, of course, I’m the head pastry chef. But I may have to go out and bunk with the dog if I want to get any sleep.)

Saturday: Sister’s actual birthday. (For which we have made no real plans because we have too much to do before we can even think about that. Food will be involved, probably. And presents, I imagine. In any case there will be CAKE! CUTE CAKE!)


2 Responses to "Looks like “that time of the year” starts … right now"

Hello dear! Just read my first of your blog I enjoy this quite a bit, it’s like I know what’s going on with you! 🙂 I will be a repeat reader! 🙂
Love you!

Thanks for reading, dear! Love you! 🙂

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