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Posted on: 11/15/2010

That would be the fear of the unknown. And I? Haz it.

I’m scheduled to take my English department exit exam this afternoon, and I have never EVER heard ANYONE say ANYTHING about this test. I can only infer that we have to write an essay, and I infer this because 1) we’re taking it in the computer lab and 2) it’s an English test, dur. So if I misplace my brain and bomb this test, am I not allowed to graduate? Even if I have all my credits and all my community service hours? And, oh yeah, I ALREADY WALKED IN THE CEREMONY?

This is how my brain works. Welcome to it.

In other news, Josh Groban’s new album comes out today. And I can’t get it yet, which is driving me crazy, but I guess that’s just what happens when you insist on getting the Super Duper Extra Double Special Awesome Edition which costs more money but you have to be a grownup and pay bills and buy Christmas gifts and groceries and supplies to make birthday cakes. As you do.

And now! I will leave you with this. Just because.


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