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Picture Wednesday

Posted on: 11/03/2010

I’m not going to pretend this feature is Wordless Wednesday anymore, I’m not fooling anyone. We’ll just have Picture Wednesday instead. I don’t know why I even attempted something called Wordless Wednesday when I can never actually be wordless.

I guess it’s just ’cause I *heart* alliteration.

Today’s picture is one I took in December 2009:

That’s the view outside our kitchen window, the day we got our first really good snow in December ’09. If you can believe it, the flakes were even bigger and fluffier than they look in the picture, and they fell that way for a couple hours. The ground was covered with snow inside an hour; I stayed in the kitchen just to watch. It was beautiful! Snow is on my mind today because our FIRST! SNOW! FORECAST! has been given for Friday. As in, the day after tomorrow. November 5 is really almost absurdly early for snow in southeastern Kentucky; my sister’s birthday is November 20 and it isn’t unusual to get our first bit of snowfall right around that date. As far as Friday is concerned, we’re not supposed to get any accumulation but I’m just excited to see actual frozen shiz actually falling from the actual sky.

I’ve mentioned this before, but I really do turn into a five-year-old during this time of year and snow is one of those things I still geek out about even though I’m technically an adult now. When I step outside and see snow falling, feel it blowing cold and wet on my face and against my neck, I get such a thrill. It’s the same feeling I remember having when I was little, when I would wake up and see the blanket of white on the yard outside that hadn’t been there when I went to sleep the night before. It’s the same feeling I got when I saw my school’s name on the news under school closings, when I stepped into the living room on Christmas morning to see the presents arranged around the lit tree, when I sat before the candles on my birthday cake – a mixture of surprise and just this childlike joy that I can’t fully describe. Incidentally, whenever I hear the word joy my first thought is the way I feel when I see it snowing.

Grown-ups aren’t supposed to get excited about snow. By now we ought to be too logical and practical; when we hear a snow forecast we’re supposed to think of all the dangers and inconveniences and plan to stop at the store on the way home from work to stock up on bread, milk and toilet paper. My reaction to snow hasn’t changed in 22 years, and I don’t expect it to anytime soon. And you know what? I don’t want it to change. I think it would be sad to grow up and lose every bit of that wonder and curiosity and, yes, joy about life and the world around us. The world is an amazing place, but after awhile adults get too jaded to wonder at anything anymore.

Look at me, being all deep and philosophical and crap. NaBloPoMo, what have you DONE to me??

Don’t expect this every day, that’s all I can say. It’s bound to run out eventually.


3 Responses to "Picture Wednesday"

Les, trying to snag your address so I can put you on my blog roll . . . but I can’t seem to find a ‘home’ page. Help? P.s Loving this! Oh, and thanks for reading me, I believe I’ve been ‘seeing’ you on my stats page 🙂

Kim, should work. Thank you! I have been reading you and enjoying it very much 😉


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