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Posted on: 11/01/2010

November! It’s here!

I’m excited about it.

I kind of love November. It’s second only to December on the Scale of Awesome, pretty much tying with January, which has to be awesome because it’s my birth month. So much fun stuff happens in November, plus that’s when fall starts to turn into winter and things get all cold on the outside and cozy on the inside.

I could never stand to live in a place that didn’t have winter. I love the cold and the snow, even if inconveniences do come along with it. In my opinion it’s all worth it. Plus winter clothes are far more awesome than summer clothes, and a winter without sweaters and scarves and hats and gloves? Well, I just don’t even want to consider that possibility.

Aaaaaaanyway. Today means there is officially three weeks and two days until Thanksgiving break, which is awesome because hello, it’s a break, and because Thanksgiving means turkey and, most importantly, DRESSING. And seriously? I could eat dressing every day of Thanksgiving week and not get tired of it. And if you don’t like dressing then just don’t even tell me about it, as you are clearly an alien and it’s entirely possible we can no longer be friends.

I kid. If you don’t like dressing we can still be friends, since that means MORE DRESSING FOR MEEEE. I am so serious about this.

You’re still an alien though.

Where was I before I went off on a dressing tangent? Oh yes, my love of November. I suppose the main reason I love November is because it’s almost December and therefore almost Christmas. I hate to say that because Thanksgiving totally gets the shaft, being so close to Christmas. I mean, the Walmart in my town already has trees and lights up, for crying out loud! Ridiculous. I feel sorry for Thanksgiving and for November for that very reason. The Pilgrims really should have decided to be thankful in, say, September instead. Then maybe Thanksgiving could get some respect! So I hate to admit that I have ulterior motives for loving November, but I really can’t help it. I’m an overgrown five-year-old this time of year, starting right about now.

Today I am thankful for the hope of good things to come, and the people I have to share it all with.


2 Responses to "November!"

But what kind of dressing do you like?

I’m not terribly picky about it.

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