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Posted on: 10/31/2010

New blog! Check it out! Ain’t it pretty!

I’ve actually been thinking of moving to WordPress for awhile now and I just kind of randomly decided to do it. I even imported Midnight Brilliance to Shy Girl and everything! I can’t tell you how technologically savvy I feel right now!

I think I need to cool it with the exclamation marks now.

So, tomorrow is November 1, which can only mean one thing: NaBloPoMo. I’m gonna do it this year, ol’ Crankypants convinced me. I’ve been stockpiling blog post ideas and I’m really hoping to do a successful NaBloPoMo. I plan to have fun! All you bloggers go sign up and have fun with me!

Meet back here tomorrow to begin the festivities. But first, can I just say something? Have you watched TLC’s Sister Wives at all? The season ended a couple weeks ago but they’re showing a marathon and then a special interview here in just a couple hours. I am so addicted to this show, y’all. And that sounds so weird because typically you get addicted to a show because you like it, you know? And I do like this show, but certainly not because of the content … needless to say, I am not a polygamist nor do I ever plan to be one, kthx. I was talking to a friend about it and described it this way: it’s like a car wreck. You don’t really want to look because in some situations ignorance really is bliss, but no matter how hard you try you just can’t not look! I find it fascinating in a slightly creepy, voyeuristic way. I get the voyeuristic feeling from reality shows in general, but this one for some reason is just that feeling multiplied. These people are crazy. I’m talking bat-crap crazy. The husband is the derpiest thing you’ve ever seen, seriously – I can’t even describe. Words don’t do him justice. But it’s not his fault, because his name is Kody. Have you ever? I’ve always heard Utahns come up with the stupidest names for their kids, and after watching this show I believe it. So it is obviously his parents’ fault for giving him such a dumb name. How could he be anything other than a big derpy jerk with a name like Kody? It isn’t his fault, poor guy.

I could go on about this show for hours, but don’t worry – I won’t do that to you.

Meet back here tomorrow, same bat time, same bat place!


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Sister Wives might be something I’m cranky about this month. We’ll see.

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