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Guess who?

Posted on: 06/10/2010

*tiptoes in*

Hello? Anyone? Remember me?

To begin, the obligatory apology and explanation … I just have not been able to get it together enough to post lately. I don’t even know, y’all. Being an English major has sucked all the fun out of writing, even for my blog. But I have been reading lots of other blogs and getting many many new bloggy-type ideas, so look for at least semi-regular posts to start up SOON! YAY!

Okay, to get all caught up:

  • My health is amazing right now, you guys. I can’t remember when I’ve ever felt so good. The Crohn’s is completely controlled with Remicade once a month and a few tweaks to my diet here and there. Last month I had a colonoscopy (put that off as long as you can, trust me) and my doc confirmed that I am in remission, which means that most days it’s almost like there’s nothing wrong at all. There’s no way to know how long I’ll stay in remission – some people struggle and never quite get there, and some people stay there for years with no problems. But, of course, I prefer to focus on feeling good right now instead of the possibility that I might not tomorrow.
  • School ended last month and with it what was probably my best semester ever – my class load wasn’t too heavy, I didn’t have any literature classes for the first time ever and I can’t tell you how enjoyable that was, I didn’t have to take any finals at all AND AND AND I got my best grades since freshman year. Now how ‘bout them apples? I brought up my GPA a smidge, and if I can keep that going I really won’t have to stress out over getting into a graduate program. I also walked in graduation in May, which felt really weird. It was kind of like a kid playing dress-up in Mommy’s clothes; I felt vaguely impostor-like. But, I walked across the stage and didn’t fall, so that was fun. I’m not completely done yet though, I’ll still be in college doing undergrad work in the fall, and then I’ll graduate really for real in December.
  • Most of you already know this part I think, but just for the heck of it – I got myself a man. Trying to reign in the urge to gush too much I’ll simply say that we met through an online dating site and have been together for just over two months, and I think he’s kind of awesome.

So! That’s the past three months in a nutshell. What’s up with you?

For my next post I’m working on two lists: short-term goals, which I’ve done before but this one will be more funner, and a “bucket list.” I think this will be fun. Have any of you ever made a bucket list? Join me and let’s all share; maybe you’ll think of something I need to add to mine!


2 Responses to "Guess who?"

very nice, indeed!! Glad to hear all is well with you 🙂 Where are you looking for grad programs?

Thanks Kim! I'm planning to apply to U of Kentucky, U of Tennessee, U of North Texas, Indiana U, and East Tennessee State U.

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