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Out Of Nowhere

Posted on: 10/28/2009

Hey everyone … I know you’ve been wondering what exactly is going on, so I figured now that I’ve finally got Internet access I’d give you an update.

About a month ago I started having this pain that really had no explanation. I just lived with it for a couple weeks, hoping it would go away, and when it didn’t I went to the doctor thinking I probably had an ovarian cyst. The symptoms sounded the same, so I figured that was the problem. I had tests and ultrasounds and the doctor decided that wasn’t the problem, but the pain just got worse. I ended up in the emergency room, nothing helped, long story short the doctor decided to do a diagnostic laparoscopy, which meant he’d go in and just take a look around. This was Friday a week ago. We figured he’d remove the cyst, possibly take out my appendix, but overall no big deal. The doctor got inside only to discover that I have Crohn’s disease, a chronic disease which affects the intestines and bowels and which I have probably had for years but didn’t know about. It was a big mess, let’s just say. They removed about 12 inches of my intestines and my appendix. Recovery from the surgery was one thing, but the Crohn’s has complicated everything. Because it’s so difficult to heal they would rather not operate on Crohn’s patients at all, but there was no choice. I was very very sick for a week after the surgery, then they finally let me go home and things were going well. I was home for a whole 24 hours when I had to go back to the emergency room because my intestines had started to leak. The doctor had said this was very common with Crohn’s disease so it wasn’t unexpected, but it could’ve been bad. Thankfully it wasn’t and I haven’t needed more surgery, but I’ve been in the hospital since Saturday evening. I’m not allowed to eat anything except ice, I have 3 IV lines in my chest, I have blood and X-rays taken every day. This whole process has been surreal. It was completely unexpected and, being both something I never thought I would experience and more than I ever thought I could handle, honestly I haven’t been doing very well. So, that’s my story – I hate to be a Debbie Downer but it happens. Now you know why I disappeared, and I want everyone to know that I really appreciate all your messages and tweets and calls and prayers and visits and everything. I am doing well and will continue to get better, so don’t worry. đŸ™‚


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