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No, wait, this is important.

Posted on: 05/28/2009

We haz New Moon set pics. From Italy. Those of you who have read teh book – you know what that means. Look at this.

Hey, did you happen to notice that Robward isn’t wearing a shirt?
See, he took it off himself.

And here’s his back. Just … cause.

Stupid watermark.

Just for good measure, how about a profile shot?

Now we’ve all seen Robward’s lack of shirt, yes? Are you sure? Because this is important. Like, just in general.

And I have to compliment whoever picked out those shoes. Teh Les approves of those shoes.

As long as the sparkle (speaking of which, the little black dots crack me up) is better than the first time around, I’m thinking this movie is going to rock my socks.

Plus – did you see Robward sans shirt??

Pics from the awesome gallery at!


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