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I am so ashamed of my reaction to this

Posted on: 05/19/2009

Okay, my babies: the New Moon poster was unveiled yesterday. I didn’t have much hope for it because I heard it was pretty plain, but I have to say I LOVE IT. Take a gander:

My jaw dropped when I saw it, but that’s not the part I’m ashamed of. Here’s the part I’m ashamed of: although I love Edward with the intensity of a thousand suns, my eyes went straight to the yummy that is Taylor Lautner, bless his little furry heart. (That boy don’t look no stinkin’ 17 years old, can I just say.) So here was my initial reaction:

Well hello there, Taylor! How YOU doin?

Mm-hm. Mmm-hmmm. Mmmm-hmmmmmm.

Oh, hi Rob. Yeah, you look nice too, sweetie.

That is an awkward pose you’ve got going on there, KStew. (I say that as if it’s something new and exciting. *slaps forehead*)


I am ashamed. During the sparkle-less parts of this movie I’m going to have to keep a continuous loop of all the times Jacob is an asshat in Eclipse running through my mind so I don’t totally jump ship. Don’t revoke my Team Edward card, k? Please? I’ll do better, I promise.


1 Response to "I am so ashamed of my reaction to this"

Everything about KStew is awkward. That’s why I didn’t really like her for the role because she gives off a totally different vibe than the way Meyer wrote her character in the books. The face works, but not the expressions..ya know?

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