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So if he asks you, girls …

Posted on: 02/04/2009

This is, of course, assuming that I manage to find someone who wants to propose to me … please, God, and before I’m thirty if you don’t mind …

Roomie introduced me to the wonder that is Tacori the other day, and OMG I’m so in love y’all. So I’ve been poking around and dreaming a bit … pretty sure I’ll never actually get one of these puppies cause the prices are outrageous and they don’t even INCLUDE the center stone price … and if I had to pick one RIGHT FREAKING NOW I’ve so got it.

How gorgeous is that?? Seriously y’all.

So, if he … whomever “he” may be … asks you, you know what I want. 😉

Take a look for yourself at Which one would you pick??


3 Responses to "So if he asks you, girls …"

Those rings are gorgeous!!

AHH, you just HAD to get me to look at engagement rings, didn’t you?! *head desk* now i won’t be able to do anything!*runs off to*^ did you notice how it’s like “taco” and then the beginning of the word “ring”? HAHA.

omg I couldn’t even begin to choose. They are all so gorgeous. As long as there’s a great man giving it to me, I’ll be all set.

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