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Setting Goals

Posted on: 01/13/2009

Just over an hour til I turn 21!


Lately I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions. I don’t make them anymore myself, since like most people I usually only kept them for a couple weeks, if that. With so many people talking about them, though, it does make me think about what I might resolve to do if I were making resolutions. And then I thought – I don’t make resolutions, but I can always set goals! New year, new semester, why not.

First of all though, I have to say that I’m happier with myself these days than I ever have been. Let me get superficial here for a minute. I’ve never thought of myself as a “pretty girl.” I always used to wonder about those girls … you know, the perfectly skinny blondes … I remember wondering how it felt to be pretty. Like, did they look in the mirror and think, wow I’m pretty? Did they even realize it?

So anyway, the other night we went out to dinner with the family to celebrate our three January birthdays – mine, my mom’s, and my great-grandfather’s. I’d dressed up for it, cause I like to do that, and when we got home and I went to change clothes I happened to glance in the mirror and I was like hey … I’m pretty. I know it sounds vain, okay, but I had an epiphany y’all. And then I stopped to think about it. I could definitely stand to lose weight – more on that momentarily – but I’ve figured out what works on me and how to look good. My skin has definitely been worse. And my hair … well, excuse the vanity, but I love my hair. So anyway. Point here being that I had an epiphany, hee, and I’m actually happier with the outside of myself than I can ever remember being before.

So, that happened.

Anyway, goals. Like I mentioned already, weight. My roommate and suitemate and I are going to diet and exercise together. I’ve already been informed that we’re giving up pop. I’ll miss it, but I know it’s horrible for me and I kind of feel guilty when I drink it anyway. We’re going to walk several nights a week and keep each other from eating horrible things. I’m planning to do some traveling this summer if I have my way, which I’m really excited about, so I have an extra incentive to look good.

I’m also going to work on being more organized, although I always say that at the beginning of every semester. I’m going to try to be more dedicated, more disciplined where schoolwork is concerned. I made better grades last semester than the year before, so that was nice and I’d like to keep that going. I’m really bad for procrastinating too, so I’m going to try to kick that habit.

I’ll start tomorrow.

Besides that, I’m going to try to work on picking battles, letting the little annoyances roll off my back and only making an issue of things that deserve to be made an issue of. Lately I’ve found myself saying whatever I’m thinking instead of keeping it inside – I know it’s not good for you to keep things bottled up, but it’s also not always good to tell people exactly what you think! So there’s that to work on.

So … yeah. Some things to think about as the new semester starts. We’ll see how all this works out for me.


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