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Posted on: 01/09/2009

Greetings, all and sundry!

While reading a friend’s blog I realized how much I like to blog myself, so … here I am! 🙂

I don’t think anyone will be reading this who doesn’t know me, but for the sake of argument how about some basic introduction.

I’m Leslie, I’m turning 21 in ~*4*~ days (!) and I live in the beautiful metropolis of Williamsburg, KY. Never heard of it? Get in line. I am in my junior year at the University of the Cumberlands in Williamsburg and, if I live long enough, will be getting my degree in English with a history minor, and possibly a religion minor as well. After college I’m going to grad school somewhere … I don’t know where yet, Brianna! … where I will study archival studies or library science. I already dress like a librarian, so might as well become one, right?

I want to explain the title of my blog because now that I think about it, it might sound a little narcissistic … brilliance, meaning that everything contained herein is brilliant? Yeah, not so much. The title comes from two conversations I’ve had with my best friends in the last couple of days, in which we decided that Leslie is at her most brilliant around midnight when she really ought to be going to sleep instead of running her mouth. Sometimes this is in the literal sense – I come up with things that amaze even myself. Other times, actually most times, the word “brilliance” is used with the strongest sense of sarcasm possible. The conversation in question centered around The Curls (aka Josh Groban) and The Sparkles (aka Edward Cullen).

Bri is concerned about my love for The Sparkles, since of course she’s selfish and MUST KEEP HIM ALL TO HERSELF OM NOM, so I had to explain to her that I can love them both, and The Curls and The Sparkles can live in peace and harmony. The brilliant analogy I came up with? It’s like a gourmet cheesecake and a Twinkie (Josh being the former, Edward the latter). Of course, you’re going to love the cheesecake more. It’s just better, and if you had your druthers you’d get it every time. Then you have the Twinkie, and you know it’s horrible for you and nothing in it actually exists in nature … still, sugarrrrrr, and you love it even though you know there’s something better.

See, now isn’t that brilliant?

This is why when I refer to my love for all things Twilight from here on out, the words “Sparkly Twinkie” will probably appear. Twilight is my Sparkly Twinkie.

So let’s see, what else … we just had Christmas! (Yay Christmas!) The holidays felt really rushed to me this year. Plus we had to travel, which I used to love but have now decided I’d rather not do on Christmas Day, thankyouverymuch. When you can’t sleep the night before and you get up at 5, you don’t want to spend all day in the truck – you want to play with your new toys and take a nap! Still, we had a good day. It’s about the only time of year we get to see my mom’s brother and his family.

We go back to school next week too … and that is nothing at all even remotely resembling a sparkly Twinkie. It’s more like a Twinkie that’s been hiding, unwrapped, under the refrigerator for 6 months. I’m hoping this semester will be better than last, though. I’ve heard other English majors say that once you get past Literary Criticism, everything else is cake. Here’s hoping! Next semester I’m taking Singers (again, because I cannot live without it), English Lit, Descriptive Linguistics (doesn’t THAT sound exciting), American Lit, 20th Century America, and CREATIVE WRITING: FICTION!!!! I’m way pumped. I’m hoping that will only serve to enhance my fanfic adventures. 😀

Okay, this is way long so I’ll stop and try not to do this to you again. When I get going, it’s hard to stop, hee.

Until next time!


3 Responses to "Introductions"

OMG!! i wanna take that Creative Writing course!!! *transfers*

You know EXACTLY where you wanna go to Grad school. Texas Woman’s University in Denton Texas. 😉 I won’t take no for an answer. *stalks you*

Oh! BTW: you can’t love the sparkles and the curls!!!! You must chooooose *evil voice*

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